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Photo of an abnormal, deformed mole on a person's skin

Abnormal Moles

Abnormal moles, often referred to as atypical moles or dysplastic nevi, are unusual growths on the skin that may warrant closer attention. These moles are different from regular moles in appearance and can be larger, have irregular borders, exhibit various colors, and appear asymmetrical. While most abnormal moles are benign, they can sometimes resemble melanoma or be at a higher risk of developing into melanoma. Therefore, it's essential to monitor these moles closely and have them checked by a dermatologist regularly. Early detection of any changes, such as size, shape, or color, is crucial, as it can aid in the early diagnosis and treatment of potential skin cancer. It's important to remember that not all abnormal moles turn cancerous, but their presence should prompt vigilant skin self-examination and professional evaluation to ensure your skin health.

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